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Hello and welcome to Anchors and Pearls. I am Charlotte, a Kent girl who loves nautical and countryside styles mixed with some soul.

I am a certified Meditation and Mindfulness coach who creates classy nautical style jewellery with a preppy feel. (You will probably see alot of these pieces on here in the future)

I’m starting this blog today on a typically rainy and bright summers day in England. Which means after scrambling through the cupboard the duck boots have made an early appearance as has the gilet.

But… that hasn’t stopped me from adding a few necessary accessories into the mix.

Duck Boots: Polar | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Pearl bracelet: Handmade by me.

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Summery Garden days

Summery days make everything feel so much better. It’s warm and it’s bright which is an instant lift. So it was the perfect day to get out into the garden. But not before heading to the market for a new plant. Our garden is a work in progress much like the rest of the house (sigh) but little things make waiting for it to be done a whole lot easier.

So I managed to grab this beautiful Hydrangea which the hubby planted when we got home.

Busy mornings can be harder especially when you have a little one to think about too. So when he heads up to bed for a nap it is time for some adult chill time. 

Now I have never really been a big drinker. Don’t get me wrong I love a glass of wine or cocktail but I’m not one of those girls that just drinks a huge amount at any one time.

However, during chill time the hubby and I do like to enjoy a glass of wine in the early afternoon sun. It is perfect after a busy morning running errands.

Mindfulness tip: When you are sat in your garden take five minutes to just listen to whats happening around you. Birds in trees, the breeze, a lawnmower etc
Plant: Pink Hydrangea | Pink t-shirt: Henri Lloyd | Pearls: Handmade by me

Tea and Cake

Being a British girl I know how enjoyable it is to just sit and have a cup of tea and piece of cake. It is also a great way to stay mindful in such a crazy and stressful world.

If we all took fifteen minutes a day to just forget anout the world then a truly believe that stress levels would decrease. So lets take fifteen minutes to have Tea and Cake.

And when there isn’t cake…

Theres Meringue!

Mindfulness tip: When drinking your tea feel its warmth, taste it, feel the sensation as it warms your body, feel the heat of the cup on your hand.

Thanks for reading x

Red Top: Hobbs | Stripy Cardigan: Primark | Watch: Marc Jacobs | Pearls (bracelet & necklace): Made by Me | Tea set: Vintage | Teapot & Milk jug: Vintage | Cake: Cooperative Irresistible Carrot Cake | Cutlery: French Vintage

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